Robert's Rules For Kids and Big Kids:

A Guide to Teaching Children of All Ages the Basics of Parliamentary Procedure 2nd Edition

Martha J. Haun, Ph.D., PRP
Ted Weisgal, BA

Roberts Rules for Kids and Big Kids:

A Guide to Teaching Children of All Ages the Basics of Parliamentary Procedure 2nd edition

This book is designed for every classroom, every teacher and every student in every school in the world. Ideally, this activity begins in kindergarten. Since nothing is ideal, one can start at any grade. When possible, kindergarten teachers begin the process by preparing their students who then team up with a 4th grader. The task: To evaluate two age-appropriate books from which one will be purchased for the school library. During the exercise, each kindergartner develops reading and critical thinking skills. The process continues for all students in each subsequent grade through high school. Included is a practical application of many academic skills including math, English, psychology, group dynamics and even interior design and physical education. Students have fun charting their future. See how it works.

Roberts Rules of Order

About The Authors

Dr Martha J Haun

Dr. Martha J. Haun

Martha Womack Haun, Ph.D., PRP, is accredited by the National Association of Parliamentarians as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and is the former editor of the National Parliamentarian (NAP). Dr. Haun is a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians and was editor of the international Parliamentary Journal for seven years. She has authored or co-authored more than two dozen articles on the parliamentary process and won national recognition for her co-authored work with Dr. Robin Nicklin Williamson at the University of St. Thomas [Houston], “Let the Minority Be Heard.” 

Ted Weisgal

Ted Weisgal

Ted Weisgal co-founded the lifelong learning program, Leisure Learning Unlimited in 1979 and taught "How to Have Great Meetings: The Basics of Robert's Rules of Order" for 34 years. Prior to that he was a Campus Activities Advisor at the University of Houston. He is now working with the fourth consecutive administration of the Houston Independent School District Student Congress, is the President Emeritus of the Hermann Park Rotary Club, and a board members of Local Station Board for the Pacifica Foundation radio staion, KPFT, 90.1FM.

Ted Weisgal KPFT

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